About Our Residency


During a Rogers Art Loft residency, artists will reside at The Lucy and have a studio space at surrounding partner locations, dependant on their studio needs. An orientation of the area will occur over the first few days in residence, allowing artists to engage with community, to give historical and geographical context to the Las Vegas valley, and to provide resources available throughout the residency period. We consider the artist residency to be a place of research, development and creation for artists and an offering of time, space, and support for exploration.

Artists-in-residence will receive the following monetary support: $750 artist stipend per month in residence, a $500 stipend for domestic transportation (international travel will be handled on a case-by-case basis), $61 per diem for each day in residence to cover food, and a $25 per day Lyft credit. Materials stipend are part of the application proposal and artists should request an amount based on their material needs, project proposal, and discipline.

Artists are expected to engage with the city of Las Vegas, community members and partners, and develop their art practice. Their specific obligations include one free public program (artist talk, workshop, or performance), leaving behind one physical or ephemeral work of art for the Rogers Foundation Fine Art Collection, and attendance at a community dinner during their first week of residency.